Direct-mount scrapers

Click for video: Nelson EZ Pull direct-mount scraper in operation. Click for high resolution image gallery for print publication purposes.

Why direct-mount scrapers?

Hi, my name is Clifford Nelson. My son Mike and I run Nelson EZ Pull. We modify four-wheel cable and motor scrapers into hydraulically-controlled direct-mount scrapers to produce the best pull-type or towed scrapers around.

Have a problem with wet soil and need a scraper that will not mire down? Need a scraper that you can load to capacity? Need a scraper with a good turning radius, easy back-up and precision grading control? We have the answer.

We have been custom-making scrapers from 18 to 27 cubic yards and we are now providing even larger scrapers from 30 to 35 cubic yards, all at great savings. Our scrapers can be filled to capacity even under wet conditions and wheel slippage is greatly reduced. In fact, the bigger the load, the better it pulls. Why? Because with our direct-mount scrapers, more weight in the scraper means more weight on your tractor, and thus more traction. It is just that simple and it works like a charm.

Our scrapers are rugged and last, utilizing heavier gauge metal, because they are modified from industrial models. And because of the arched drawbar, you can see the grading surface, giving you visual grading control. Moreover, cycle time from loading to spreading is decreased by the greater loading capacity and the reduction in slippage. For even greater cycle-time efficiency, we can manufacture tandem units.

We are among the best in the industry because we have been at this business for years. We have made over 1,600 conversions. My son and his team are the best welders I have ever seen, and while I may be a bit biased, you know, I believe you will agree when you see the type of work we turn out.

Why not give us a call and drop by one of these days, even during the hottest summer. You see, I asked my son and our employees if they could turn out more scrapers in the summer if we put in some really good air conditioning and they said, "you bet." So that is what we did and I think you will find that we have one of the coolest buldings in town. And we'll give you a warm welcome in the winter, too.

Because we modify a lot of different scraper assemblies, we often have to buy both a used tractor and scraper together. Since we only use the scraper, we often have tractor parts in excellent condition, such as parts for Allis Chalmers, Caterpillar and Fiat-Allis tractors. So, check out our tractor parts, too. We have some really good deals.

  • Less cost, better quality, more efficient.
  • More weight in the scraper means more weight on the tractor and thus more traction.
  • A scraper without front wheels means no front wheel drag through soft ground.
  • Direct-mount provides a good turning radius and makes backing up easier.
  • Arched drawbar allows unobstructed view of grading surface.
  • More efficient because of reduced cycle time from loading to spreading.
  • Modified from industrial models, our scrapers are rugged and last.
  • Learn more about our scrapers. See our video and photo gallery, parts list and testimonials.