Grain elevator in Comstock, Minnesota
Grain elevator in Comstock

Mike welding direct-mount scraper
Welding a direct-mount scraper

Introducing the Nelson EZ Pull

Who we are
Nelson EZ Pull is located in the town of Comstock, Minnesota, population 90. With over 1,600 scraper conversions completed to date, we have a wealth of experience in creating a reliable, cost-effective and productive product. We utilize the industry-leading core products of manufacturers such as LeTourneau, Allis-Chalmers and Fiat-Allis, to create a product with the best operating characteristics available. The reliability of these units has been field-proven over many years. Our scrapers' flotation, capacity and ease in loading and unloading provide one of the lowest cost methods for moving dirt.

"We got started back in the early 1980s when I was grain farming near Munich, North Dakota," owner Clifford Nelson noted. "I modified a four-wheel scraper into a direct-mount. My neighbor saw how well the unit performed and wanted one himself, and then others found out about it and year by year the business expanded.

"Over the years, we have added numerous improvements. For instance, our experience in configuring our "EZ Pull Direct Hitch" provides optimum balance and stability with excellent flotation. To make mud easier to eject, we have made the gate wider. To help unload sod and to prevent it from hanging up, we have made the blade elevation higher.

"Our business foundation is honesty and integrity and we have an established reputation of delivering on our promises. We'd be happy to provide you with a list of references from customers who have experienced first-hand the Nelson advantage."

Scraper technology background
Since the invention of the scraper by Robert Gilmour LeTourneau over 75 years ago, scraper technology has continued to be refined. Reaching its peak during the 1970's, scrapers were the primary machines used to move large volumes of dirt quickly and economically. Over the years the industry has evolved to incorporate more versatility. Instead of single application machines, the industry has gone to a "tool carrier" concept.

Consequently, motor scrapers have been replaced to a large extent by hydraulic excavator and haul truck combinations. However, scrapers with their ability to move and grade large amounts of dirt remain the most cost-effective solution for many applications including land improvement, site work and ditching applications, to name a few.

The Nelson EZ Pull solution utilizes field-proven, durable scraper designs that have proven themselves over decades of use and are well-known for their easy loading and flotation characteristics. The EZ Pull hitch design provides all the benefits of an efficient pull scraper while transferring load distribution to the pull tractor axle, providing optimum traction and flotation.

Unlike the dolly axle-pull scrapers which increase drag, the EZ Pull direct-mount hitch design eliminates the front axle and provides just the right balance with over two feet of ground clearance to negotiate virtually any terrain. Turning radius is substantially reduced, thereby providing better mobility and faster cycle times.