The Nelson EZ Pull picture show

full scraper view four-wheel scraper
This short video shows you how the Nelson EZ Pull direct-mount scraper performs. You will see that it is an easy pull, indeed. How do we modify our scrapers? First we start with a four-wheel or motor scraper, removing the front wheels or engine unit. Then we take off the wire cables.
Painted scraper Close-up of hitch
Next we install a new hitch, paint the scraper and install the hydraulic cables. Here is a close-up of the hitch, which enables you to directly mount the scraper to your tractor. Or, if you want, we can do it for you for an additional charge.
Our newest hitch Scraper loaded to capacity
This is our newest hitch, which enables the tractor driver to turn better and negotiate hilly, uneven terrain. Note that you can load the scraper to capacity.
An addditional outside wheel can be installed Motor scraper prior to conversion
If you are dealing with soft ground, we can add another wheel so you don't mire down. We usually mount the outside wheel a little higher to accommodate slope. Got a four-wheel or motor scraper? We would like to talk with you about possible purchase. Need parts? We might have just what you need because we purchase motor scrapers that often have excellent engines, springs and transmissions. So, whether you have a four-wheel or motor scraper or need parts, contact us.
Taking a break by the scraper. Installing hydraulic lines
Taking a break after the installation of the hydraulic brace are employee Jeremy and Mike and Cliff Nelson. Front view of scraper, showing installation of hydraulic lines and modification of drawbar to accomodate a direct-mount.
Mike Nelson welding Grinding a cross-beam. Operating the drill press. Mike with mud racing awards
Sparks fly as Mike welds the drawbar. Jeremy grinding a cross-beam at the rear of the scraper. Norm operating the drill press. Mike with trophies from mud racing competitions with his 800-hp pickup.