Direct-mount scrapers

Dear Nelson EZ Pull:

We own an Allis-Chalmers ditcher that the Nelsons converted to direct-mount. We are really pleased how easily it loads, as part of the weight of the load is distributed to the tractor for extra tractions as the ditcher fills. We find it easy to maneuver and it can be backed into tight places with ease. We definitely move more material with our direct-mount ditcher than with our front-wheel machine.

Beck Brothers
Beck's Seed Farm
Munich, ND

We bought an 18-yard Allis that Clifford converted and it works well. We like the extra width behind the Case IH Quad Trac. The converted scrapers they sell have been proven in the valley for years. Next time I am looking for a scraper I will call Clifford.

Jim Reitmeier
Crookston, MN

There are a lot of things on my farm that I am not able to control. Drainage is one thing I can control. The direct-mount scraper I bought from Cliff Nelson is a great addition to my farm. The direct-mount allows me to load more dirt with less horse power, equating into less time spent on a field. Time is everything in the Red River Valley where weather can change on a dime.

Robb Dohman
Breckenridge, MN

Nelson EZ Pull direct-mount scraper